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Hover Helmet - Chicago Bears Hover Helmet Base

Hover Helmet - Chicago Bears Hover Helmet Base .

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The item that finishes “the look.” Add this pristine, customized Base to your Hover Helmet and Case to provide the ultimate in visual appeal. This shiny, acrylic Base not only calls out your team’s name, but also your favorite battle cry. Measuring 11.75” x 11.75” x 2.5”, this shiny acrylic Base adds a museum-quality finish for your product. Please note: neither the Hover Helmet nor the Case is included with this Acrylic Base – we just put it in the picture so you can see how amazing this Base looks.

This BASE should only be used in conjunction with the Acrylic Case. Do not purchase this BASE unless you own an Acryic Case! You’ve been warned.
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